Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To stay or go..

Hello all! First off if you are reading this THANK YOU! If you have followed, and commented thank you even more! I was super excited about this blog, having lots of great inspiration and hopes about it going far. I only have 10 followers and most of them are my sisters...haha! Which is totally great because I have the greatest sisters ever and love them to bits! BUT I can honestly just call you or email you lol. So I haven't posted in a month because I've been wondering if it's worth it? I put a whole lot of writing and time into the facial post and I have a new job now that's keeping my super busy. SO if y'all want me to keep it up I would LOVE to, I just feel like I'm writing to myself haha! I wont be sad not continuing the blog, and I would love to keep it going. Either way is GREAT! Let me know...give me honest feedback. I am always willing to give advice and style your hair etc. It really is my passion yanno : ]
I hope your day has been filled with love and happiness and hugs!