Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Face Shapes

Hey dolls! So a video tutorial is in the making, still trying to figure out how to make it not fuzzy! In the mean time I really wanted to discuss face shapes and great hairstyles for YOUR face shape! Here is a picture of the nine basic face shapes.

Can you find yours? Mine is a mix of two, yes you can be more then just one, which makes it even more fun haha! I am oblong/oval. Oval is the ideal face shape because people with oval face shapes can wear most any hairstyles and look great! So because I doubt all of you have oval face shapes we are going to discuss great hairstyles that will work with your face shape to make it appear more like an oval one!

Oblong Face shape:
Our aim: To make the face appear shorter and wider
Styling choices: Add volume on the sides to create the illusion of width. So lots of layers works great, or curling the hair adds that volume to the sides. Long, all one length hair should be avoided. Chin length is the most effective and looks great on this face shape. Bangs help a ton. I'm oblong especially right where my temples are so I need the most volume there, I have sides-swept bangs which help disguise, and add volume.

Rectangle Face shape:
Basically the same as oblong (I'm not sure why they even include this one since it's SO similar)
Refer to oblong, and remember not a ton of volume on the top of head only, but also volume on the sides.

Aim: To create the illusion of length to the face, this will make the face appear slimmer.
Styling Choices: A hairstyle that has height or volume on top and little or no volume on the sides. Long hairstyles look beautiful on this face shape. Try to avoid short bobs that hit right at your jaw line. Short hair CAN be worn though, with long very angled side-swept bangs and layers that add volume on top.

Aim: To offset or round out the square features.
Styling Choices: Once again side swept bangs work great and will create a diagonal movement to help minimize those square features. Rounded hair shapes work great. Avoid straight across bangs or one length bobs that hit right at your chin. Bobs that are soft and layered would work. So think soft, and wispy! Some face framing, and longer hair close to the face look great.

Inverted triangle and heart: (the only difference is if you have a widows peak you are heart shaped)
Aim: To decrease the width of the forehead and increase the width in the lower part of the face.
Styling Choices: Side swept-bangs or fringe is recommended. Chin length hair is a great look to add volume and make the jaw line appear wider. Face framing, and long chunky layers are a fun style for this shape.

Aim: To reduce the width across the cheekbone line.
Styling Choices: Styles that increase the fullness across the jaw line and forehead while keeping the hair close to the head at the cheekbone line helps create and oval appearance. Avoid hairstyle that lift away from the cheeks or move back from the hairline on the sides near the ear area. Straight across bangs help increase the fullness on the forehead. Middle parts should be avoided because it makes the face look longer.

Aim: To create the illusion of width in the forehead.
Styling Choices: A hairstyle that has volume at the temples and some height at the top. You can disguise the narrowness of the forehead with a soft bang or fringe.

Oval can pull of most hairstyles! Lucky you : ]

I hope this was helpful and made sense! Any questions be free to ask!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I absolutely LOVE this! Society puts a whole lot of pressure on women. There is always some critic saying someone is too thin, too fat, too much cellulite, not wearing makeup, ugly clothes, etc. Let's stop comparing ourselves to other people. We all have our flaws, and our great features. Let's embrace who we are, stop judging, and be simply loving! Next time you look in a mirror, instead of thinking of what you hate, think of five things you love about what you see.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hair Products/blowdry tutorial

Warning: This video is by no means professional!!! While filming it wasn't so...fuzzy? I'm not sure what happened, but I promise it WILL be fixed before the next video.

This video is probably boring but it covers the basics of products!

Extra tips I forgot:
1.) Products cannot HEAL hair, aka fix split ends etc. A lot of products claim they do. There is no way to get rid of split ends unless you cut them off. Products help make the hair APPEAR healthier and can seal the cuticle together to make your ends look smoother etc.

2.) The outer part of the hair strand (the part we see) is called the cuticle. When looking at it, it looks like a ton of shingles on a roof of a house. When the hair is healthy those "shingles" lay down nice and neat. When the hair is damaged those cuticles are blasted open and are frayed out making the hair look damaged, frizzy, dry etc. Products help the appearance of damaged cuticles. Also blow drying downwards (like I talk about in the video) help the cuticle lay down, to make the hair look shinier and smoother!

3.) Most everybody especially during the winter needs moisture! Use products that help give your hair moisture like a leave in conditioner. If your hair is staticky then your hair needs moisture! So unless you enjoy looking like you have been electrocuted...give that hair the moisture it's begging for haha!

Thanks for being so kind during my "beginning" stages of putting this blog together! Remember YOU are smart, YOU are beautiful, YOU are important! : ]

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Advanced Style

I ran across this video today and fell in love! I think it's the perfect video to kick off this blog. These are older women that have their own sense of style, and I think it is SO fun! I hope to be just like this! My favorite quotes:

"I don't dress for anybody else I dress for myself!"

"You don't want to look crazy...the object is to look as chic as you can, but the average person on the street would NEVER wear this!"

"Everybody wants to look like everybody else, but everybody wants to be seen as individuals."

May we ALL simply wear what WE wanna wear! Today I'm wearing a MENS sweater, an oversized pink scarf, jeans and leopard print shoes. My husband said to me..." Why are you wearing a MENS sweater?" If he would have asked me that two years ago my feelings probably would have been hurt and I would have put on something else. Today I simply smiled and said because I LOVE IT! So go out dress how YOU want to dress, not how everyone else is, and be you, be confident, be happy!

Starting a New Trend!

Hello beautiful! Yes, I'm talking to YOU! YOU are BEAUTIFUL! Sure you may be thinking, "Oh you're just saying that", or "you don't even know me how can you say that?". I have a belief that everyone is beautiful. The world seems to have forgotten how to be positive, how to love ourselves and others and I am hoping to change that. I hope to start a new trend of instead of being negative and looking at the ugly things in others and yourself, but to help others start looking for the beautiful in everyone, yes even yourselves! Loving yourself (in the correct non conceited way) is so important! We are always the hardest critics on ourselves, so if we can't love ourselves how do we TRULY love other people? This blog will be full of inspirational quotes and videos, along with beauty tips. Yes, I'm a licensed Cosmetologist. A lot of people think that Cosmetologists just care about "outer beauty". Well not THIS girl : ]. I believe in doing your best to look beautiful, but to also LOVE your FLAWS, and turning those "flaws" into strengths! I am not your typical "Beauty girl". I myself am a BIG girl. I have curves, a little bit more to love on my body, and all the normal troubles most women have with occasional acne, thin hair, etc. I like to believe that because I am not the perfect girl (which no one is but some look like it on the outside) I am MORE relatable. I can understand what you are going through. I hope to get to know all of you and I hope you will join my on my journey to start this "New Trend"!

What To Expect?

-I will be giving tutorials on hair, skin, and makeup.

-Discussion on New Fashion Trends

-How to dress for your body type

-How to bring out your best personality traits on the outside!

-How to ALWAYS be positive

-How to love yourself and others

-Anything YOU want to know, have questions? Leave them in a comment no matter how embarrassing the subject I will do my best to answer : ]