Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Advanced Style

I ran across this video today and fell in love! I think it's the perfect video to kick off this blog. These are older women that have their own sense of style, and I think it is SO fun! I hope to be just like this! My favorite quotes:

"I don't dress for anybody else I dress for myself!"

"You don't want to look crazy...the object is to look as chic as you can, but the average person on the street would NEVER wear this!"

"Everybody wants to look like everybody else, but everybody wants to be seen as individuals."

May we ALL simply wear what WE wanna wear! Today I'm wearing a MENS sweater, an oversized pink scarf, jeans and leopard print shoes. My husband said to me..." Why are you wearing a MENS sweater?" If he would have asked me that two years ago my feelings probably would have been hurt and I would have put on something else. Today I simply smiled and said because I LOVE IT! So go out dress how YOU want to dress, not how everyone else is, and be you, be confident, be happy!


  1. I LOVED that video! That 90-year-old woman with the orange eyelashes is so rad. I'd bet $50 that she is a dance teacher!

  2. Wow, that was so cute!! You are so right, we are the most beautiful when we are just being who we want to be!! Love you Sarah Beara!!

  3. Those women are AWESOME :) We definitely can learn from their flare!