Friday, January 6, 2012

Hair Products/blowdry tutorial

Warning: This video is by no means professional!!! While filming it wasn't so...fuzzy? I'm not sure what happened, but I promise it WILL be fixed before the next video.

This video is probably boring but it covers the basics of products!

Extra tips I forgot:
1.) Products cannot HEAL hair, aka fix split ends etc. A lot of products claim they do. There is no way to get rid of split ends unless you cut them off. Products help make the hair APPEAR healthier and can seal the cuticle together to make your ends look smoother etc.

2.) The outer part of the hair strand (the part we see) is called the cuticle. When looking at it, it looks like a ton of shingles on a roof of a house. When the hair is healthy those "shingles" lay down nice and neat. When the hair is damaged those cuticles are blasted open and are frayed out making the hair look damaged, frizzy, dry etc. Products help the appearance of damaged cuticles. Also blow drying downwards (like I talk about in the video) help the cuticle lay down, to make the hair look shinier and smoother!

3.) Most everybody especially during the winter needs moisture! Use products that help give your hair moisture like a leave in conditioner. If your hair is staticky then your hair needs moisture! So unless you enjoy looking like you have been electrocuted...give that hair the moisture it's begging for haha!

Thanks for being so kind during my "beginning" stages of putting this blog together! Remember YOU are smart, YOU are beautiful, YOU are important! : ]


  1. Sarah, I absolutely loved this! Not only because I got to see beautiful you, but those are wonderful tips! When Emily gets out of the shower she has this frizz on the top of her head right next to her part. Should she always blow dry it down? Thank you for the tip on blow drying the scalp in the other direction, I need to do that for volume on the top of my head!

  2. Sarah! I love, love, love this blog almost as much as I love you! haha, jk. This is what you were meant to do in life. Keep it up and I love the video tutorials. You do awesome at them.

  3. Great job babe! very professional and intuitive, you know your stuff. I will change my blow drying regiment from now on haha

  4. haha, Brett's comment cracks me up! Love you guys!! Sarah, you are so dang beautiful!! Can't get over it! haha! I loved the tips, I definitely need to use product, I haven't been and I really need to start experimenting with making my hair get styled!! Love all of the tips!!

  5. Oh Sarah! You make me smile!! Great Job, and thanks for the info. I will definately use it tomorrow when I do my hair! LOVE YOU and remember....You are smart, you are beautiful, you are important!!!