About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah Ehlert and I live in Spokane Wa. I grew up in Livermore,CA and like to think I'm a California girl through and through! I grew up as sort of a tomboy, wearing baggy tshirts and hair in a pony tail with crooked teeth. When I reached my freshmen year in high school I realized I wanted to start "improving" my look. I was tired of being made fun of and always so self conscious. I started playing with my hair, and I instantly fell in love! Who knew all the fun and creative things I could do with my hair? From then on I started doing all of my friends hair for dances etc. I went to Cosmetology school in Rexburg at the Paul Mitchell school The Hair Academy. There I learned about hair, skin, nails, makeup etc. I also learned about the importance of being confident and loving yourself no matter what. I learned about what true beauty is. True beauty is when a woman or man is confident, knows who they are, and loves! Loves themselves, flaws and all, and loves others! I believe that EVERYONE is beautiful, and I hope to help bring that beauty out!