Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Fashion fun!

It's 2012..can you believe it? AND it's already February! I had to sign the date on a form the other day and it really hit me, I had to think about writing 2012 instead of 2007 ( yea..more proof of how in shock I am!) Well I've been doing some research on what is going to be in style this Spring/Summer and I couldn't be more excited! It's all about femininity! Here are the most popular trends...

1.) Color Blocking!

I love this look! Because I went to Paul Mitchell and had to wear ALL black EVERYDAY..I struggle with not wearing black with all of my outfits. This will be very fun, I love that it's not all about matching anymore. I love the look of two different bold colors being mixed together. You don't have to do it with two different tops and bottoms, you can do the color blocking trend with just your upper body. You can wear jeans, with a bold colored blouse and another colored blazer, or cardigan. That way it's not SO bold but you still have all that fun color.

2.) The Peplum

The peplum look is so different from what we've seen recently and it is very flirty and fun! There are different extremes of it of course and people like me that are already extra curvy want to aim for the longer version of the peplum.

3.) Pastels

I grew up hating pastels, for some reason it always reminded me of elderly women. Well that hatred has completely gone out the window and I have a newfound love for pastel clothing! Pastel clothing is delicate, sweet, and perfect for spring and summer!

4.) Florals and bold prints

Floral print was another hatred of mine, (once again reminded me too much of a grandma!). I still wouldn't wear certain prints, but I love all of these in the pictures. Floral is so feminine and beautiful when worn the right way. Bold prints are a huge trend this coming season also. Once again if all of these prints scare you just wear one piece with a pattern, it could even be a handbag, or just your shoes. Balance is key.

5.) Top color of the Season..Tangerine and Orange!

This color is incredibly bold and yells "FUN!". Find a shade that compliments your skin tone and if wearing a tangerine outfit is too bold for you go with a handbag, nail polish, or earrings in that shade.

Doesn't seeing all of these pictures make you just SO excited for Spring?! I am very ecstatic!

Remember to dress for your body type (which we will discuss soon!) and not just for trends! If these trends do not work for your body type then that's perfectly fine! I like to take these trends and mix them with my own personal style. Dress for YOU not for others. Confidence is the best thing you can wear. I used to say to myself "oh I couldn't pull that off", I finally decided no such thing! If I like it, then I will be confident and totally work it! Life is too short to wear boring clothes, so make it fun and don't worry about what others think. It's your show afterall : ]

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  1. Wow, I am so motivated to add some color to my wardrobe! :) You are so right, its what we want to wear, and have fun doing it! Can't wait for the dress for your body shape post!!